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Preschool Class

Preschool Program

Our preschool programs encompass three age groups: Preschool (3 years old), PreK (4 years old), Kindergarten Readiness (5-6 years old). Our program is Montessori and Regio Emilia inspired, based on the latest research, and provides children with many opportunities to explore and experiment. The classroom is broken up into eight learning areas which are Social Emotional skills, Math, Language, Dramatic Play, Science, Art, Sensory, and Floor Play.  Our program is way more than a typical preschool daycare, and is specifically designed to for kids to excel in Kindergarten and beyond. In our safe and nurturing environment, young children become familiar and confident with school routine and basic self-help skills. Our well-rounded curriculum is also infused with art, music and physical education. 

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